Dometic Has Launched a New Compact Camping Tent Range

Dometic Pico FTC 2X2 TC

Dometic has launched a new compact camping tent range, targeting the 2023 outdoor season.

The range includes a Redux recycled material model and the Pico-size tent, which can be carried as a backpack.

Dometic’s tent inflation technology is a key feature of the new products, with the AIR frame technology making them easy to set up and pack down. The tents are smaller and lighter than regular inflatable tents, making them ideal for car campers.

The range is now available in Europe and includes the Santorini FTK, the Reunion FTG REDUX, and the Pico FTC. The Santorini FTK is a technical cotton tent with fully mesh windows, while the Reunion FTG REDUX is made almost entirely from recycled PET bottles. The Pico FTC is the smallest offering, featuring an innovative built-in inflatable mattress for added comfort.

All three tents have a compact pack size and weight, making them perfect for off-grid camping.

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