MSR Has Released Tent – Tindheim 2

MSR tindheim 2 door open

MSR has released the Tindheim 2, a shelter designed for campers, weekend warriors, and backpackers. The tent is highly livable, durable, and ready for any weather conditions.

MSR Tindheim 2 fly footprint

The tent included a footprint to protect gear from wet ground and the interior is spacious with a vestibule that extends. An interior laundry line allows for hanging wet gear to dry. The rainfly vents are easily accessible from the inside, and the double-layer zip door has both a mesh window panel for ventilation and a solid panel for weather protection and privacy.
The rainfly’s storm-pitch construction ensures that the inner tent body stays dry during setup, even in wet conditions.

MSR Tindheim 2 interior pocket

The tent’s stability in windy weather is reinforced with a durable two-hoop design, heavy-duty cord adjusters, and grommets for pole adjustments that stand up to stormy weather.

The tent is lightweight with a minimum weight of 2.48 kg (5 lbs. 7 oz). The Tindheim 2 includes a tent body, rainfly, footprint, laundry line, poles, stakes, guy lines, stuff sack, and setup instructions.

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